Is Fox News Helping the Democrat Party?

There is an interesting Huffington Post article today (linked below) that suggests Fox News is doing the Republican Party a disservice by painting the GOP as a bunch of ignorant radical conservatives. Depending on your perspective, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I think Fox News has been making it easy for the Democrat Party to win over votes from people like me for a few years now. Like taking candy from a baby.

We’ve all been brainwashed to believe that the “conservatives” think MSNBC and CNN are mouthpieces for the “liberal” agenda while the “liberals” think the opposite about Fox News. Maybe these stereotypes are true, or maybe we think this as a result of good advertising. Just like Coke and Pepsi. Do we really know who decides how Fox and CNN are portrayed to their market audiences and whether a political party agenda is behind it at all? My guess is that it has nothing to do with pushing a political perspective but rather about showing content (which happens to be political) that draws consistent ratings,  just like any other television entertainment programming.

But let’s say for fun’s sake that it all really is about politics. That Fox really is the mouthpiece of the Republican Party and CNN really is the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party. If that is the case, the Democrats are winning. And Fox News is helping them.

When you wikipedia the Democrat Party, you see that most educated people who live in cities are generally thought to vote Democrat. Why are the educated people voting Democrat? You would think that educated people would probably be more likely to choose the party that favors a decentralized federal government, capitalism, and a focus on the economy and national defense. Especially when a Republican administration is more likely to leave the social issues to the states, effectively rendering irrelevant a stereotypical educated person’s conflicts with the GOP’s conservative stance on social issues. Or at least I, as an educated city person, even with my bleeding heart social views, think that the basics of the republican ideology make a lot more sense for me as a libertarian minded voter than do the democrat ideologies. But most of my peers do not, and it seems that the common perception of the Republican Party’s stance on social issues is to blame.

So who is to blame for the common perception that the Republican Party is for those with ultra conservative social views? The news networks. All of them.  Fox News most of all. When you really think about it, the obvious question must be raised: is it possible that Fox News could be the ingenious product of a Democrat Party think tank, meant to exaggerate and propagate negative stereotypes about the Republican Party?

“It is in the interest of the Democrats, not the Republicans, for there to be a loud, extremist, heavily white faction in the Republican Party, constantly pushing that party rightward. One of the reasons Mitt Romney was so unable to pivot back to the center was due to the drumbeat at Fox which contributing to forcing him to the right during the primary season. Even after the primary season, when Fox became a big supporter for Romney, the rift between official editorial position and the political feelings of Fox viewers and hosts, was clear.”


2 thoughts on “Is Fox News Helping the Democrat Party?

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  2. Fiona says:

    I don’t watch Fox for the same reason I don’t watch the MSM. It is all about ratings and has become infotainment. Journalists, whether print or other media – “don’t do math” or history I might add. We stopped watching CNN in the 80’s when we were stationed in countries where the cute little girl reporters were flown in to make their report at the airport and everybody would look at one another and ask – WHAT country is she in? If you know anything in detail, all you can see from most news reports is that the reporters have no idea what they are talking or writing about. Way too much time is spent on the affairs of entertainers and advertising. Fox seems to have acquired a fairly large audience with the poor little lost white girl approach and their audience pays the bills. I can’t for the life of me figure out how CBS keeps paying the bills with a declining share of audience. Anybody who really wants to know what is going on is on the internet – no playing games – and reading and thinking for themselves.

    Re: your comments below on the TEA party and republicans: When I first enter a room in this largely Democrat County, I announce that I am the evil Republican in the room. It helps keep the in-group bashing of the out-group down to a minimum. You know I used to wonder at the cognitive dissonance of my grandfather, who had strong opinions about Jews, n*ggers and other groups which applied only to the people he didn’t know – those he was personally acquainted with were exceptions of course. I don’t wonder about this any longer – this attitude apparently is not confined to persons who have only a third grade education.

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