“Tea party activists blame losses on Republican establishment.” Headline from yesterday’s LA Times. Whether this is true or not, this is a widespread perception of the Tea Party, the idea that they are pure conservatives and that Mitt Romney was not conservative enough for them. That is why I think it would be next to impossible to convince my peer group of socially liberal economic conservatives that the Tea Party is the way to go. I can’t even convince them that the Republican Party is the way to go. If the GOP wants anything to change, they need to introduce a fresh face with a socially moderate agenda who can pull in the libertarian vote and the vote of the socially liberal economic conservatives who voted for Obama this time.

The Republicans need an answer to Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, someone who emphasizes that a Republican administration would leave these issues to the states and whose answers to their personal opinions on the social issues are not that far off from Obama’s. Someone who doesn’t wear pleated khakis and sweater vests. It may be a cold day in hell before we ever get a Republican candidate like that, but if it happened, I think the GOP would not only maintain their current support from the conservative right (who else are they going to vote for? the Democrat?), they would also gain the votes of a lot of libertarians, independents and moderates they didn’t have in 2012. Call me crazy, but we’ve tried everything else. Give us a Condoleezza Rice.

Angry Tea Party activists say Mitt Romney was too moderate and that the GOP undermined ‘true conservative’ candidates:


Condoleezza Rice: GOP sent ‘mixed messages:


Give us a Condoleezza Rice


One thought on “Give us a Condoleezza Rice

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